Thursday, March 6, 2014

Less for Lent

Just for fun I participate in Lent each year, despite not being Catholic.  Simplifying life is always a good  thing, right?

Last year I tried to give up sugar. . . however, that didn't work out well and I switched to no fast food.  Since my Mom pretty much banned fast food because of her vegan, plant-based, nearly unprocessed diet, that was pretty easy.  She, however, said she would give up sugar with me and did pretty well despite my ditching her :)

This year I have decided she might be on to something.  I have been largely vegetarian for the last two years (I even started tracking my meatlessness with a sticker a day on my calendar - only three sticklerless days so far: crab cakes, crab puffs, and crab and salmon in my sushi {I might have a crab issue too:)}) BUT, I have decided that it's time.  No more dairy.  :(  I have to give up my beloved cheese.  That means no more creamy Havarti. No more smokey Gouda. No more Hannah dry white cheddar, feta, swiss, brie. . .NO MORE MUENSTER CHEESE PIE!  Oh man, now I am depressed.  The agony of giving up all that and greek yogurt too better be worth it.

On the bright side, my dad promised we could use our newly minted passports to leave the country if I pull of 40 days and nights of cheeseless self-sacrifice.  I hope it's worth it.  Good thing I like veggies. . . and my mom has been practicing vegan eating for over two years now!